Congrats Jay

Packers vs. Bears. As a Lions fan, could there be anything worse than this Sunday’s NFC Championship? Well, yes. That would be Jay Cutler going to the Super Bowl.

I want to take a moment to congratulate Jay Cutler on what he has accomplished by winning his first ever NFL playoff game. I realize that the Onion has already done this but please, bear with me.

Beating the Seahawks was Cutlers first playoff win since high school. Remember, Cutler is the guy who went 11-35 during his four years at Vanderbilt. Up until this season when his Bears went 10-5, Cutler never had a winning season. As a starting quarterback in the NFL, Cutler has gone 34-34 (well 35-34 if you count playoffs). But really, none of that matters because he beat the Seahawks last week. He somehow made Jordan Babineaux drop that interception in the endzone. Maybe we should be congratulating him on a huge win. Maybe Cutler has changed.

There are two areas to really watch Cutler this weekend. The first is when he gets into the red zone. He’s notorious for making terrible decisions and forcing the ball into coverage. As I alluded to earlier, he put the ball right in the hands of Seahawks safety Jordan Babineaux in the endzone last weekend. Luckily for Cutler, he dropped it. The other area is when he’s pressured. Cutler reminds me of Favre and will just throw it up and hope one of his guys comes down with it. The Bears have been lucky all year but it can’t continue, right? Aaron Rodgers looked unstoppable last week and that will carry over to this week.

I don’t think Cutler has changed. That’s why I’m picking the Packers to cover the spread (-3.5) and get the win. There is a reason the Packers are favored to win and I think it’s because we will see the Cutler that Denver fans remember. The one that threw 18 interceptions in 2008, his last season with the Broncos, and 26 interceptions in his first season with Chicago. The one that seems to have a 50-50 chance of throwing it to the other team once he get inside the 20. Call me a hater but I haven’t seen enough from Cutler to prove to me that he belongs in the Super Bowl.


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