Super Bowl Prop Bets!

The Super Bowl. My favorite holiday. You can’t tell me that it isn’t a holiday either. Try going to the grocery store at noon on Sunday for a bag of chips and some soda. Good luck. It’s like the Fourth of July, just without the fireworks. And in February.

The Packers are currently favored by a field goal. They have business to conduct on Sunday and I’ve got my money on them to cover the three points. Now, watching the game with friends and eating a ridiculous amount of terrible food is always fun, but there is a way to make it even better. Prop bets!!!

As Bill Simmons touched on earlier this week in his podcast, you can bet on everything during the game. How many times do you think Jerry Jones will be shown on tv? How many times will the announcers mention Brett Favre? How will Rashard Mendenhall celebrate with Roethlisberger if the Steelers win? Okay fine, that last one was made up, but the over/under on Jones is 3 and on Favre it’s 2.5.

So I’ve decided to put down $50 to make my favorite holiday a little more entertaining. Now, for a college student $50 is a lot of money. That’s like 100 packages of top ramen. That could feed me for a couple months. But this is just for fun and I have no intention of winning any of these. If you want to win money, bet the opposite of me.

Here are my eight prop bets for Sunday:

1. Will there be Overtime – Yes (+650) or No (-1100)

Yes ($5) – We all know that a Super Bowl has never gone into overtime. Why not this year? Both teams are very even with great defenses and playmakers on both sides. We saw in Chicago that the Packers struggle to close out games so I see this one going down to the end. I would rather take the yes at +650 ($100 bet would win $650) than the no at -1100 (it would take a $1100 bet would win $100), so I’ll put down a few bucks just in case.

2. Total Sacks by Both Teams – Over 5.5 (-105) or Under 5.5 (-125)

Under 5.5 ($5) – Okay, I get that the Steelers have huge problems on the offensive line. It looks like Pouncey won’t be starting at center and if he does, he won’t be full strength. However, are there two quarterbacks in the NFL that can avoid sacks better than Roethlisberger and Rodgers?

3. Longest Touchdown of the Game – Over 44.5 (-115) or Under 44.5 (-115)

Over 44.5 ($10) – Look at the players we have on both teams. Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings could easily break a 50+ yard touchdown. We saw Fitzgerald catch a 64 yard touchdown against the Steelers in the Super Bowl just two years ago. In that same game, James Harrison returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown. Plus, it’s alway fun to root for the big play.

4. Heath Miller – Total Receiving Yards – Over 38.5 (-130) or Under 38.5 (even)

Over 38.5 ($5) – With the offensive line problems, Roethlisberger will be on the run. When plays break down, he’s more likely to dump it off to his tight end. Oh and the Packers typically give up big yards to tight ends.

5. Hines Ward – Total Receiving Yards – Over 39.5 (even) or Under 39.5 (-130)

Under 39.5 ($5) – Hines Ward is the one receiver on the Steelers that everyone knows. But he isn’t what he used to be. Out of 20 games this season, Ward has had over 40 yards in just 6 of them. So far in the playoffs, he has a total of 5 catches for 39 yards.

6. Aaron Rodgers – Total Touchdown Passes Thrown – Over 1.5 (-200) or Under 1.5 (+160)

Over 1.5 ($10) – Seriously. It’s Aaron Rodgers. How does he not throw at least two touchdowns?

7. John Kuhn – Total Rushing Attempts – Over 2.5 (+110) or Under 2.5 (-140)

Over 2.5 ($5) – I like John Kuhn and I want to cheer for him. No stats will back this one up but I just feel that they’ll use him a little more against a physical Steelers defense.

8. How Long will Christina Aguilera Hold the Note BRAVE at the End of the Star Spangled Banner – Over 6 Seconds (-140) or Under 6 Seconds (even)

Over 6 Seconds ($5) – Yes, I am serious. Yes, I will be timing how long she holds the note.


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