Weekly TV Power Rankings

The lack of football has given me time to get caught up on some shows that are running right now. This week, that show was Californication. In case you missed last weeks rankings, I’m only ranking the shows that I watch throughout the week. Here is week two of my rankings, it looks like I can actually make this a regular thing!

1. Community – Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking (LW: 4)

NBC – Thursday @ 8pm

I want a million signed photos of LeVar Burton. Why? Because you can’t disappoint a photo. Abed stepped behind the camera this week and “directed” the episode. The documentary style of this episode worked really well (slight jab at The Office?) and like always, there were many great pop culture references. I can think of a few people who would appreciate Troy’s plea for the return of Firefly. Like last week, I want to know where they are going with Pierce. For the past few weeks, Pierce has been awful and has made everyone in the study group hate him. I thought that him being in the hospital would bring everyone around and help redeem his character but instead he makes everything worse. Could this be the last season with Chevy Chase? Hmm, let’s not go there just yet. However, because of the fantastic interactions between LeVar Burton and Troy, I bequeath upon this episode the top ranking for the week.

"I was never one to hold a grudge, Jeffrey. My father held grudges. I'll always hate him for that." - Pierce

2. 30 Rock – It’s Never Too Late for Now (LW: 6)

NBC – Thursday @ 10pm

It’s never too late for now. And now I’m craving a white wine with ice cubes and Sprite. Everyone loves a good mystery and 30 Rock delivered just that this week. I’m a little shocked that I enjoyed the episodes as much as I did considering Tracy was absent and Kenneth didn’t have any lines. Liz and Jack did a great job carrying this episode. Sad, single, crazy cat lady Liz never disappoints and Jack negotiating with his Trinidadian nanny was classic. No last place for 30 Rock this week!

"How many times does a woman meet Mr. Right? I've had three chances; Floyd, then Carol, and I was once in an elevator with Tom Brokaw, and I blew all three…opportunities." - Liz

3. Justified – The Life Inside (LW: 1)

FX – Wednesday @ 10pm

This week’s episode of Justified was definitely a standalone one and that’s the main reason for the drop in the rankings. The only long-running plot that they continued this week was Raylan’s latest attempt at a relationship with his ex-wife, Winona. This is the one storyline of the series that I could really do without. Luckily, the standalone case in this episode was very entertaining. Can’t go wrong with Raylan chasing a pregnant convict who has just been kidnapped. Definitely a solid episode but I hope we get back to the main story arc next week.

"Jess, you ever hear about a spot snipers call 'the apricot?' It's where the brain stem meets the spine. Hit a fella there, he ain't gonna pull no trigger. It's just (click), lights out." - Raylan

4. Californication – Lawyers, Guns and Money (LW: NR)

Showtime – Sunday @ 9pm

I finally got caught up on season four. They’ve slightly (and I mean slightly) toned down the sex from season one. Californication is either hilarious, depressing, or a weird combination of both. Sunday’s episode, Lawyers, Guns and Money was a combination of both. For a show about someone hitting rock bottom, Hank Moody (David Duchovny) keeps finding his way back there. This episode was no exception. Hank can’t seem to get anything to go his way, nor does he try to change his luck. His own daughter referred to him as “a poor man’s Bukowski.” Loved seeing the return of Eddie Nero (Rob Lowe) who had some great lines and brought some comedy into what was a fairly depressing episode. Eddie summed up the series best when he said to Hank, “it’s about a guy trying to keep it together while falling apart.” Possibly my favorite line of the series. Like most episodes of Californication, we are left with one question:  How will Hank bounce back?

"I think we should kill someone tonight. I mean like a hobo or something." - Eddie

5. Parks and Recreation – Media Blitz (LW: 3)

NBC – Thursday @ 9:30pm

Watching Ben (Adam Scott) fumble his way through interview after interview was fantastic. His breakdown on “Ya Heard? with Perd” was the highlight. This is why I was excited for Adam Scott to join Parks and Recreation and it’s about time he gets to play a bigger role in the show. By the way, if you never got around to watching Party Down when it was on, I highly recommend checking it out. Adam Scott at his finest. This weeks episode wasn’t the funniest but it was probably the most awkward. Glad to see Andy and April back together.

"Look, who hasn't had gay thoughts?" - Ben

6. Archer – Pipeline Fever (LW: 5)

FX – Thursday @ 10pm

Lana. Lana. LANA! Lana and Archer’s trip to New Orleans resulted in a surprisingly little amount of action. The lack of action was for the better because we needed an episode focusing on the two of them and it was hilarious. We got a little backstory about Lana (and her afro) and plenty of Archer one-liners.

"Whaling ships? What, he's against clean-burning lamp oil?" - Archer

7. The Office – Threat Level Midnight (LW: 1)

NBC – Thursday @ 9pm

With this weeks episode of The Office, we return to Michael’s movie script, Threat Level Midnight, and Michael Scarn. I enjoyed seeing some old characters (Roy, Karen, and Jan) but this was an episode that didn’t really progress the storyline of the season. I did enjoy the episode for the nostalgia factor. It felt like we were taking trip through the history of the show. Threat Level Midnight was silly and enjoyable and was definitely a fitting episode for Michael’s farewell season. However, it was a bit of a let down from last week.

"Holly, this isn't Ocean's Eleven where you get together with your friends and you just have fun and you don't care about how it turns out." - Michael

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