TV Power Rankings – Week of 2/27/11

Since the four NBC shows that I usually include are not airing new episodes for a few weeks, I’ve added a couple different shows. They may or may not stick around when our regulars come back. At least it hasn’t been a boring week with the Charlie Sheen meltdown in full force. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you’re missing out. The best part of the Sheen meltdown is that there is something in it for everyone. For me, it’s the fact that Two and a Half Men won’t be around for much longer. But unlike Two and a Half Men, the power rankings will continue. Why? Because like Charlie Sheen, I like #winning.

1. Justified – For Blood or Money (PW: 3)

FX – Wednesday @ 10pm

In For Blood or Money we got a great opening scene with Raylan and the Bennett gang. Unfortunately, it was just a taste and that storyline is moving forward very slowly. The anticipation is killing me. I know that we’ll get there eventually, but this episode was really about Rachel. She’s someone we haven’t spent much time with yet. Until now, she has always been just one of the other marshals that helps Raylan out. We learned more about her and her family as she and Raylan tracked down her convict brother-in-law. At the end of the episode, we got a little deeper into what’s going on with Boyd, but we still don’t know which side he’s leaning to. With the previews for next weeks episode, it’s looking like he may not have completely changed.

"We may never be able to prove otherwise. But I want you to know that I know what's going on… out of respect."

2. Archer – Tragical History (PW: 4)

FX – Thursday @ 10pm

This weeks episode of Archer spent a lot of time focusing on Cyril and Chris Parnell (voice of Cyril) carried this strong episode. There was no wee baby Seamus as we got a standalone episode where Cyril tried to save the day. New villain George Spelvin lured Cyril with money and the opportunity to prove himself to his coworkers. Cyril took the bait and in the end, Archer had to save him once again. Who knew that Cyril was such a terrible shot? Lucky for him, he wasted all of the bullets, otherwise he’d be missing a foot. One of the best things about Archer is the repletion of jokes. I love it. Do you not?

"Shoot him Cyril! But just him. I think the twins are warming up to me. Right? Am I getting some signals?"

3. Californication – Lights. Camera. Asshole. (PW: 6)

Showtime – Sunday @ 9pm

Looking back at the third season finale of Californication, I still think that it was one of the most depressing half hours of television that I have ever seen. It was a fantastic episode but it was heartbreaking. I know that this season’s finale is still a few episodes away, but it seems like we are closing in on another sad ending to this chapter of Hank’s life. In this week’s episode, Hank sleeps with Sasha’s mom (hey, he didn’t know at the time) and it looks like that will tie up the Sasha storyline. What is really troubling is what’s happening with Becca.  It looks like she’s becoming Hank Moody Jr. But how can you blame her? It looks like next week’s episode is going to be a rough one.

"Girl makes it sound so pleasant. I have one big pain in the ass teenage daughter."

4. Jersey Shore – A Cheesy Situation (PW: NR)

MTV – Thursday @ 10pm

Okay, so I realize I’m about to lose any credibility I had, if I even had any to begin with, but I actually enjoy Jersey Shore. This show is so ridiculous that it’s funny. However, this season is getting a little over the top. Ronnie and Sammi’s relationship issues are getting really old. One, or both, of them just need to leave. How about we get rid of both of them and then replace Ronnie with Dean. Would anyone notice a difference? Anyway, this week’s episode was entertaining but not Jersey Shore at it’s best. The prank Snooki and Sam pulled on the Situation was surprisingly funny but the whole plumbing issue went on way too long. Why did it take three episodes for them to call a plumber? Really? For those of you who don’t watch Jersey Shore and have made it this far down the review… yes, this show is about relationship issues, pranks and not being able to live on your own. Oh and drinking. Lots of drinking.

"Hestatic is when you're super happy and like really happy."

5. The Amazing Race – I Never Looked So Foolish In My Whole Entire Life (PW: NR)

CBS – Sunday @ 8pm

What did you expect? I needed something to write about. Other than Jersey Shore, The Amazing Race is the only reality show that I watch on a regular basis. I haven’t been following it as long as some, which actually leaves me a bit out of the loop for this season. All the teams on this season have been contestants before but didn’t win. While I do recognize some of them, there are plenty I’ve never seen. I’m just glad that Zev and Justin are back though. I thought that they were a strong team that made a small (okay, huge) mistake by losing their passports. This episode continued the first leg of the race that began in the season premiere. Has there ever been a longer leg? It was fun watching the teams race through Australia and Jet and Cord made a Jet and Cord type comeback going from last to third place. I’ll be more excited with this show when it gets deeper into the season. I just want to know if Mallory is crazy.

"Ow! I just slammed my tail in the door!"


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