Bittersweet Sixteen: Part 2

The only thing I care about tomorrow is North Carolina losing. My feelings for them have hit Cutler-Grade Bitterness. When my feelings for a team or player reaches Cutler-Grade Bitterness (or CGB), I despise them indefinitely and get an obscene amount of satisfaction from seeing them fail. I call it the CGB because Jay Cutler is the first player that I loathed with a passion. I didn’t like the way he came into Denver and proclaimed that he had a “stronger arm than Elway” or the way that he cried his way to Chicago because he didn’t like Denver’s new coaching situation. After defeating the Huskies, my feelings for the Tar Heels mirror those I have for Cutler. It’s not even the fact that they won. It’s how it happened. UW went into the game as the underdog but didn’t play like it. UNC did its typical fall behind early shtick and UW controlled the game. Then UW fell apart at the end of the game as they couldn’t help but turn the ball over. They had the game and let it slip by. Seattle fans start to get used to this heartbreak. It happens far too often in every sport. Maybe I’m overreacting. It wasn’t even a championship game, but the loss still hurts. This UW team had the chance to go deep into the tournament but couldn’t get the job done.

Henson looks like he's 7 years old.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s jump into Friday’s games.

1 Ohio St. vs. 4 Kentucky – Is there any doubt that Ohio State wins this game? I mean really, they’ve won their last two games by an average of 30 points. When I filled out my bracket, I had them in the National Championship losing to the Jayhawks. I would still bet on these two teams reaching the championship game but either team could win it. How can you pick against a team when their best player (Jared Sullinger) is a huge Miley Cyrus fan?

2 North Carolina vs. 11 Marquette – Okay, I ranted about UNC earlier and will spare you any further Tar Heel-bashing. I didn’t have Marquette advancing past Xavier and that’s only because I watched the Xavier vs. Kansas State game last year. Yes, that Xavier vs. Kansas State game, the one that went into double overtime as they traded threes and last second shots. Oh and did I mention Gus Johnson was announcing? It was practically sports heaven. I had sided with Xavier (don’t ask me why) and unfortunately they lost. So to make it up to them, I had them going to the Sweet Sixteen. They didn’t make it past their first game, but enough about Xavier. I’ve got Marquette winning this game. Why? Because of Buzz Williams’ dance moves.

1 Kansas vs. 12 Richmond – Richmond is the ultimate underdog and somehow, I had them reaching this point in the tournament. Here is my reasoning for why I had them reaching the Sweet Sixteen: I had them advancing past Vanderbilt because Jay Cutler went to Vanderbilt and I’ve already established my feelings about him. I did have Louisville advancing past Morehead St. because, for obvious reasons, I didn’t think that was a real college. I then had Richmond beating Louisville because I had a little extra love for them for advancing past Vanderbilt in my bracket. That’s all it took. Unfortunately, Richmond’s run needs to stop here because I’ve got Kansas as my National Champion. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk. That’s what they say, right?

The Morris Twins. They even has the same tattoos.

10 Florida State vs. 11 VCU – I don’t know what VCU stands for, nor do I know where VCU is. That’s one thing the NCAA Tournament is good for, introducing me to schools I could have gone to had I wanted to leave the great state of Washington. VCU and Florida State have been involved in back-to-back upsets and to be honest, I haven’t watched a minute of either of their games. So because of that, I’m picking Florida State because at least I know where that is.

I'll take any chance to post a picture of Henson looking bad.

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