TV Power Rankings – Week of 3/20/11

Did anyone watch those Sweet Sixteen games? Just like that, two more of my Final Four teams fall. I’m going to blame Miley Cyrus for that Ohio State loss. Luckily, this week in TV was not as disappointing as college basketball. Great episode of The Office but unfortunately, they’re taking another break, along with Community and 30 Rock.

Here’s this weeks rankings:

1. The Office – Garage Sale (PW: NR)

NBC – Thursday @ 9pm

This has been brewing for a while now and it’s hard to believe it’s almost here. Michael is leaving. He’s marrying Holly and getting a happy ending to his run on the show. Even though it was expected, I still got chills hearing him say that he’s heading to Colorado. We all know the show won’t be the same without him. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This was one of the best episodes of The Office ever. When The Office returns on April 14th, we’ll get a couple episodes of Will Ferrell running the Scranton branch and that should be entertaining. This was the first episode that got me excited about The Office in a long time. Every aspect of it was good, from the magic beans legumes to Michael’s first proposal idea. I loved it.

“Holly has to go back to Colorado. I’m going with her. I’m leaving.”

2. Community – Critical Film Studies (PW: 4)

NBC – Thursday @ 8pm

Apparently we all need to go out and watch “My Dinner with Andre.” Community seems to always go for a home run and more often than not, they get it. While some would disagree, I thought this episode was great. Not Dungeons and Dragons or paintball great, but it was still wonderful. It wasn’t the funniest episode but we did get to see just how great of an actor Danny Pudi is. In most of this episode, he was playing a character other than Abed. And I was impressed. To be honest, I don’t think I can write a quick recap that gives this episode any justice. Check out Alan Sepinwall’s (@sepinwall) take on it at HitFix for fantastic review. Oh and if anyone wants to throw me a birthday party, you can never go wrong with a Pulp Fiction theme.

“I like your sweater. Did it come with a golden retriever?”

3. Archer – Placebo Effect (PW: 2)

FX – Thursday @ 10pm

We have had back-to-back fantastic episodes of Archer, both centering on Archer’s breast cancer. In “Placebo Effect,” we see how violent Archer can be as he goes on a rampage after finding out his chemotherapy medication has been replaced with sucrose and Zima. In my opinion, this was the best episode of Archer. Just watch it. Thankfully you can on Hulu. In 28 days.

“Well, first of all, you don’t have to yell. I don’t have ear cancer.”

4. Justified – Save My Love (PW: 3)

FX – Wednesday @ 10pm

This episode was as stressful as an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Nothing was going right for Raylan. The suspense was almost too much for me to handle. Raylan was really out of his element in this episode, he is always calm and confident (if not cocky) but here, he realized how close the situation was to blowing up in his face. Some of it was out of his hands, as he had to trust that Winona (his ex-wife) would do what she needed to do. The preview for next week’s episode is what got me really excited. They hinted at Boyd going against the Bennetts. What fun!

“The truth is… I don’t know if you can trust Boyd to have your back, but… well, he has tried to kill me, and I have shot him, and imprisoned him. I wouldn’t be surprised if our paths again crossed in such manner. He has had my back on two occasions. Once was the last day I was in the mine, and the other not so long ago.”

5. 30 Rock – Plan B (PW: 6)

NBC – Thursday @ 10pm

Tracey in “Africa” is getting a little old. Thankfully, an Aaron Sorkin cameo and the return of Will Arnett as Devon Banks saved this week’s episode. Liz’s storyline was just so-so. Like her and many others, I’m anxiously awaiting the return of TGS. Maybe 30 Rock can get back on track. If we have to have another Tracey-less episode, we can only hope we get more of Devin Banks.

“I was trapped in a world of wet wipes and rectal thermometers. Then the babies came and life changed.”

6. Parks and Recreation – Camping (PW: 1)

NBC – Thursday @ 9:30pm

I expect near perfection for Parks and Recreation every week. When I heard the group was going camping again, I couldn’t be happier. The hunting episode was one of the best episodes of this show. Unfortunately, their second trip just wasn’t as good. Tom’s tent (if you can call it that) was a little over the top, although I did enjoy DJ Roomba’s cameo. I literally loved seeing Chris (Rob Lowe) return but I find it a bit unrealistic that he’s not interested in Ann. Come on! It’s Rashida Jones! I’m sure Parks and Rec will bounce back with a strong episode next week. It would be hard not to with this amazing cast.

“It’s like yoga, except I still get to kill something.”

7. Californication – The Last Supper (PW: 5)

Showtime – Sunday @ 9pm

Didn’t see that coming. Honestly, I didn’t. I was almost positive Hank would be found not guilty. But I was wrong. If you’ve watched every season of Californication, you know that, except for season one, Hank doesn’t get a happy ending in the finale. This episode sets us up for what appears to be another depressing season finale. Appropriately titled “The Last Supper,” Hank gets to spend time with the ones he loves. The same ones that once loved him. I’m sure they still do, to a degree, but all of Hank’s antics have to wear on those close to him. It seems like they’ve set it up for a fairly predictable finale, which isn’t typical of Californication. I’m expecting some sort of twist in finale. Is it just me or did his family and friends almost seem relieved that he was found guilty?

“I am lucky. I’m lucky to have known you. I’m lucky to have loved you, but I feel it’s finally over, which is a kind of relief.”

8. The Amazing Race – Don’t Ruin the Basketball Game (PW: 7)

CBS – Sunday @ 8pm

It’s about time. The cheerleaders are gone. However, what should have been a great episode, wasn’t as entertaining as I had hoped. The double U-Turn was fairly anticlimactic and the Roadblock was pretty boring. Did anyone find it entertaining watching the teams build a dinosaur replica? Other than the cheerleaders finally coming in last, the only other part I enjoyed was Flight Time and Big Easy. They have been pretty quiet this season but they showed just how strong they are. Plus, it was cool to see them break out the basketball and get a game started while they were all waiting.

“We passed them old dirty red heads.”

9. Jersey Shore – At the End of the Day (PW: 8 )

MTV – Thursday @ 10pm

The second summer at the Jersey Shore is over. It couldn’t have come soon enough. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy the show, but this season was just disappointing. In the finale, we got more of the same. By same, I mean Ronnie and Sammi drama. Old news. But apparently Sammi thought they were still in a relationship after all of that? I don’t know. We can hope that the show improves next season as the gang heads to Italy but I have a feeling the show is about to jump the guido. That’s the saying, right? Well, here’s to hoping Sammi misses her flight.

“So are we together or are we single?”

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