TV Power Rankings – Week of 4/3/11

With baseball season starting and a couple of new shows premiering, you’d think I never took my eyes away from the TV. And you’d be right. I’m exhausted. But it was a great week all around. Well, the beginning half was. The Mariners started off 2-0 (probably the last time they’ll have a winning record) and “The Killing” aired two episodes back-to-back for it’s debut. Honestly, I can’t wait any longer to rave about “The Killing,” so here are this week’s rankings:

1. The Killing – Pilot/The Cage (PW: NR)

AMC – Sunday @ 7pm

Okay so maybe this isn’t fair because Sunday night gave us two episodes of “The Killing” and both, for lack of a better word, killed it. It looks like AMC has another fantastic show on their hands. If you missed it, AMC is running the first two episodes before the third on Sunday night. So set your DVRs for 5pm on Sunday and start watching this show. If you missed my brief preview of it last week, it’s a crime drama. But instead of a new case every week, the whole season is investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl. It’s a slow moving show but it’s good. Really good. I love the fact that it’s set in Seattle. They seemed to have nailed the weather too. It’s rainy and grey in about 90% of the scenes. Seems about right to me. Being from the Seattle area, it was very cool to see them work in a lot of Seattle locations. And no, not just the Space Needle. My only problem with the show is that the main character, Detective Sarah Linden, is played by Mireille Enos. Now, it’s not that I have anything against Mireille, it’s that the only role I’ve seen her in before is a polygamist’s wife on “Big Love.” I can’t help but keep thinking she will have to return to the compound with her sister wives. Aside from that, this show looks like it’s going to be really good and it’s about time we have a good TV show based in Seattle (and “Grey’s Anatomy” does not count).

"In situations like this, I like to ask myself: what would Jesus do?"

2. Justified – Brothers Keeper (PW: 2)

FX – Wednesday @ 10pm

I wanted to rank “Justified” as number one. I really did. It was a fantastic episode, maybe even the best of the season so far. That just tells you how good “The Killing” was. But before I digress, let’s get back to “Justified.” With four episodes left, I don’t expect to be disappointed with any of them. Again, Boyd shows just how smart he is and everyone seems to keep forgetting what he’s capable of. Although, the most exciting part of the episode was that Raylan finally had a showdown of sorts with the Bennett gang. Somehow it ended with Mags getting even more upset with him, but I suppose that was to be expected. It’s just clear that she wants Raylan dead now. There was an amazing scene at the end of the episode where it was focused on Mags’ face and you could see her transition from being heartbroken to extreme anger in just a few seconds. It was chilling. I don’t envy Raylan right now.

“You pick the devil you run with.”

3. Archer – Jeu Monegasque (PW: 1)

FX – Thursday @ 10pm

Have I mentioned that “Archer” keeps getting better? This episode felt exactly like a James Bond movie, except with more humor and more losing money while gambling. There was a lot of that. 3.2 million worth to be exact. At some point, Gillette joined the gang and always seems to be around. It seems like he just showed up and is now always included on missions. He was a fabulous addition. I like what he brings. I feel ranking Archer at number three doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. It could have very easily been the best show this week but it just happened to be a good week all around. The only question I’m left with is: Why was Archer dressed like Hitler?

“Why was I dressed like Hitler?”

4. United States of Tara – Crackerjack (PW: 4)

Showtime – Monday @ 10:30pm

Why is it that whenever a TV show depicts a character going to college, the college campus/classrooms/overall experience is NOTHING like it is in real life? It’s almost as if none of these writers have stepped foot on a college campus. Whew. Glad I got that off my chest. But really, I’m most interested in seeing where Kate goes from here. Obviously a trip to Japan means she’s leaving the show… but for how long? I hope that it isn’t for too long. Kate has always seemed out of place in the show. Her storylines never seem very important and typically die out quickly. Almost like the writers are just trying to find something for her to do. However, after this episode, it feels like her character finally has a place, like she’s grown. The scene with her wrestling with T in the front yard to keep her from leaving shows just how much she has grown. It wasn’t long ago when she would have jumped in the car with T to head off to the mall and spend her mom’s money. It would be sad to see Kate leave at this point. Oh and Marshall’s video for his class project was pretty awesome.

“I worry a lot about getting stuck.”

5. The Borgias – The Poisoned Chalice/The Assassin (PW: NR)

Showtime – Sunday  @ 7pm

My main problem with “The Borgias” is that I don’t know how to pronounce Borgias. How can I like a show that I can’t even pronounce? If I did like it, I wouldn’t be able to recommend it to anyone. Here is how the conversation would go:

Me: Hey, Showtime has this great new show called… The “something”… I can’t really pronounce it but it’s about a pope, who is corrupt… just trust me it’s really good.

Them: Yeah, that sounds great…

Luckily this conversation won’t be happening anytime soon because I didn’t think it was very good. In fact, I was pretty bored by it. Yeah it’s a typical Showtime show and there is lots of sex and blood but the show was pretty unentertaining. Maybe it’s because they decided to show two episodes for the premier? It worked for “The Killing” but not so much for “The Borgias.” I’ll give it a few more weeks before I write it off completely but it is dangerously close to joining “Hung” and “Glee” as shows that I gave up on. One last thought, Jeremy Irons is great, but was it just me or did he seem bored with the role?

“Oh what would Rome be without a good plot?”

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