The Super Early Look at the AL All-Stars

I’m impatient. I like to overreact. It’s the reason why I struggle with fantasy sports. I change my roster a hundred times each week. If someone has one big game, I’m ready to pick them up. I watched Willie Bloomquist suck for seven years in Seattle and was STILL tempted to pick him up after his hot start in Arizona this year. Naturally, I’m already trying to figure out who this year’s All-Stars will be. With the All-Star game only two months away, I’ve decided to name who I think should be starting. Today I’m kicking it off with the American League, because we all know it’s the better one.

If you need them, here are definitions for wOBA and WAR. Please note that WAR isn’t super useful at this point in the season, but I’m still going to use it for a comparison.

Catcher – Russell Martin, New York Yankees

.289 AVG, 4 HR, .413 wOBA, 0.6 WAR

I hate including Yankees but this Turtle from Entourage lookalike is making it pretty hard to ignore him. I laughed at the Yankees for signing him. I thought he was washed up. The Yankees had a great prospect in catcher Jesus Montero and it didn’t look like Martin would be necessary. Less than a month into the season and I’ve been proven wrong. Montero has regressed and Martin is enjoying looking even more like Turtle now that he wears a Yankees hat everyday.

Even though hes wearing a Dodgers hat, the one on the left is Russell Martin. Confusing, I know.

First Base – Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

.317 AVG, 5 HR, .447 wOBA, 0.9 WAR

A case could have been made for Paul Konerko but if you can play at level Miguel Cabrera does while drunk, you have to go with him. Okay, so he played pretty poorly during that game when he supposedly still had alcohol left in his system. And he said that he’s cleaned himself up. Sober or not, he’s about as solid as they come. He has hit at least 30 home runs in six of his last seven seasons and he looks to be headed there again.

Second Base – Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles Angels

.318 AVG, 5 HR, .435 wOBA, 1.2 WAR

Kendrick has been great. He’s leading the AL in WAR and is providing a great amount of power from second, a position that typically does not see many home runs. He’s like Cano, just a better fielder. Still, I can’t seem to differentiate between him and teammate Kendry Morales. Maybe it’s because they’re the same age, comparable size, play on the same team and have similar names. Or maybe it’s just me.

Third Base – Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers

.266 AVG, 5 HR, .365 wOBA, 0.9 WAR

Alex Rodriguez could be the pick at this position because he’s on a tear offensively. But I had to go with Beltre for two reasons though. First, Beltre is much better defensively. Second, I hate Alex Rodriguez. Pretty simple. Although, Beltre is another guy I questioned coming into the season. I thought the Rangers overpaid for him, thinking that he couldn’t possibly follow up the year he had last season in Boston. I was wrong again. Right now, it looks like the Rangers paid the right price for him, leaving the Mariners as the only team to have overpaid for his services. Okay, so maybe it was a little ridiculous of us to think he’d hit 48 home runs again.

Adrian Beltre. Laughing his way to another huge contract.

Shortstop – Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Indians

.288 AVG, 4 HR, .380 wOBA, 0.6 WAR

While looking into the sober Cabrera’s stats, I found that he started his career in the Mariners organization. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, the Mariners are notorious for trading away  young players. Many of those players even go on to become stars. Cabrera is one of those players. The big question: what did the Mariners get for him? Answer: Eduardo Perez. He spent the second half of the season with the Mariners and has been out of the league since. That was a good trade.

Right Field – Jose Bautista, Toronto Blue Jays

.306 AVG, 3 HR, .430 wOBA, 0.9 WAR

His explosion for 54 home runs last year shocked just about everyone. Especially since he had never reached 20 home runs in one season before. Some of you may immediately jump to steroids and that is a legitimate point. Especially with Manny showing that some players are still trying to get that edge. But I going to say that’s not the case with Bautista. I hope he doesn’t make me look stupid down the road but I think his home runs are a result of his swing. He swings hard. Like he’s looking for a home run on every pitch. I saw him last week hit a clutch home run against the Mariners to win the game. He’s not going away anytime soon. Don’t believe me? Jeff Sullivan made my point for me while I was writing this.

Center Field – Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees

.239 AVG, 4 HR, .376 wOBA, 0.8 WAR

I’ll say it again, I hate including Yankees. Although, Granderson is making it pretty difficult to hate him. Here he is trying to pick his at-bat music:

Left Field – Sam Fuld, Tampa Bay Rays

.396 AVG, 1 HR, .449 wOBA, 1.0 WAR

Who is this guy? No, seriously. Who is he? He found his way to Tampa after a few mediocre seasons with the Cubs. Now he’s leading the AL in batting average and surprising people like Bautista did last year. If I died and could come back as a baseball player, my first choice would be an All-Star pitcher from the AL who gets traded to the NL like Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, or C.C. Sabathia (remember that stint in Milwaukee?). They always seem to dominate in the NL. My second choice would be a decent NL player getting traded to the AL like Fuld or Bautista. Hitting must be easier in the AL.

Starting Pitcher – Jared Weaver, Los Angeles Angels

4-0, 1.30 ERA, 31 Ks, 0.7 WAR

He’s leading the league in wins and strikeouts and is fourth in ERA. He’s the early choice for the Cy Young. Early, early choice. He’s no longer just another version of his older brother. A Jeff Weaver 2.0 (see: pitcher who had a lot of potential but never quite figured it out). But it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that he’s dominating this year. He did go 16-8 two years ago and he led the league with 233 Ks last year.

If Jered is like Peyton Manning, then Jeff is like the Manning brother that never played football.

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