Michael, It Has Been Fun

I’m doing things a little differently this week. I’ll post the rankings at the end, but I’m not doing a write up of each show. This week, I want to talk about Michael Scott. His run on The Office is over. There were some great episodes, there were some bad episodes, but overall, I’m going to miss him. I felt the scene where he threw away his “World’s Best Boss” mug summed up his time on the show nicely. At the beginning of the series, he was hated by almost everyone he worked with. It was clear that he was an awful boss and the fact that he had had to buy the mug himself showed how everyone felt about him. Now, as he is about to start his new life in Colorado, we see how much everyone actually likes him. They give him a Dundy for “World’s Best Boss” and if you look back, you can see why.

This week, I want to take a quick look back at my favorite Michael Scott episodes. If you’ve never watched The Office, then at least check out these. If you do watch The Office, then go back and re-watch these as you dry your tears from Michael’s last episode.

"This is gonna feel so good, getting this thing off my chest. That's what she said."

The Injury – We have to go all the way back to season two for this one. Michael was at the height of his selfishness after he accidentally burned his foot on his George Foreman grill. How could something like that happen? Well, Michael likes to wake up to the smell of bacon, so he thought it would be a good idea to wake up, start cooking some bacon on the grill next to his bed and then go back to sleep. That way, he’d wake up to that wonderful smell. Obviously, that wasn’t such a good idea.

Casino Night – The season two finale was actually written by Steve Carell and was another one of Michael’s best. After organizing a casino night in the warehouse, Michael accidently ends up with two dates as he had invited both Jan and Carol. Michael was always funny in awkward situations.

Survivor Man – Another episode written by Steve Carell and he obviously knows how to use Michael best. In the fourth season, Michael decides to go on his own wilderness retreat after not getting invited to go with the rest of the branch managers. Thankfully, Dwight kept watch otherwise we would have been saying goodbye to Michael much sooner.

Goodbye, Toby – In the fourth season finale, Toby is heading to Costa Rica and his replacement is getting settled into the office. This episode includes one of my favorite scenes. Michael has been waiting for Toby’s last day and has plenty of accusatory questions lined up for Toby’s exit interview. However, Holly decides to sit in and Michael has to awkwardly tone down the questions.

Murder – Season six didn’t have many great episodes but this one was Michael at his best. It really helped to show why Michael was the way that he was. Yes, he may come across as a little crazy but it’s all for a purpose.

I do declare that we will all miss Michael Scott.

Now on to the rankings:

1. The Office – Goodbye Michael (PW: 2)

NBC – Thursday @ 9pm

2. Game of Thrones – The Kingsroad (PW: 1)

HBO – Sunday @ 9pm

3. Justified – Reckoning (PW: 6)

FX – Wednesday @ 10pm

4. The Killing – Super 8 (PW: 4)

AMC – Sunday @ 7pm

5. Treme – Accentuate the Positive (PW: NR)

HBO – Sunday @ 10pm

6. United States of Tara – ‘Dr. Hatteras’ Miracle Elixir (PW: 8 )

Showtime – Monday @ 10:30pm

7. Parks and Recreation – Jerry’s Painting (PW: 7)

NBC – Thursday @ 9:30pm

8. Community – Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts (PW: 3)

NBC – Thursday @ 8pm

9. The Amazing Race – We’re Good American People (PW: 10)

CBS – Sunday @ 8pm

10. 30 Rock – Everything Sunny All the Time Always (PW: 9)

NBC – Thursday @ 10pm

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