The Milton Bradley Era

So long Milton Bradley. Honestly, I am only disappointed that I can no longer make jokes about board games. Looks like that battleship has sailed.

I know I used this picture in a previous post but I had to use it one last time.

At the beginning of last season, the Mariners made a trade that pleased almost every fan of the team. They shipped Carlos Silva’s corpse to the Cubs for Milton Bradley. With Bradley came the potential of power. He had hit 22 home runs in Texas in 2008 and, well, he could do it again, right? That’s what we talked ourselves into at least. He even showed that potential early in his first season in Seattle. In his eighth game as a Mariner, Bradley hit a three-run home run in the eighth inning of a tied game, prompting this tweet. Do I regret that tweet now? You bet I do.

We all knew about the crazy that came with Milton, we would just put up with it as long as he was contributing to the team. Unfortunately, the Mariners got all the crazy without any of the contribution. Milton has made us angry, he made us feel sorry for him, and he even made us feel bad for heckling him. All while only hitting ten home runs, 42 RBIs, and batting .209 in 101 games. Wow, looking back at the numbers and I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did. Oh, and did I mention that he can’t catch fly balls?

Is it a surprise that our last memory of Milton Bradley will be of him getting ejected after arguing a play that didn’t even involve him? Indians, Dodgers, A’s, Padres, Rangers and Cubs fans are all saying no. Milton Bradley broke the ice, spilt the beans, got caught in a mouse trap and finally the Mariners moved on. Milton Bradley, you were just trouble.

Stay classy.

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