Conference Finals Preview

It has been a few weeks since I have written anything about the NBA so I suppose it’s about time. We are down to the final four teams and we have some interesting story lines. Both matchups feature a young and exciting team and they both feature a villain.

The East: Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat

Obviously the Heat are the villains in this series. After this spectacle, I can’t see how anyone outside Miami would want to see the Heat win. Unfortunately, they’re playing really well. This team will most likely win a championship one day, but until then, it’ll be fun to laugh at LeBron for never having won a title.

On the other side, the Bulls are just likeable. Derek Rose is in beast mode and there is something about Joakim Noah’s terrible facial hair that makes me want to cheer for the guy. Or maybe it’s the Strahan-esque gap.

Joakim Noah is an attractive man.

Luckily I have the benefit of having seen one game before making my pick and if Chris Bosh is leading your team in scoring, you’re in trouble. The Bulls win in five.

The West: Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Zombie Sonics

I have nothing nice to say about the Zombie Sonics. Anyone outside of Seattle thinks they are awesome you and exciting team. I’m just waiting for Russell Westbrook to bury the team with his ball-hoggedness.

Russell Westbrook taking a shot... because that's all he ever does.

I’ve never really liked the Mavericks, but you can’t deny that Dirk Nowitzki is one of the greatest big men ever. But like Barkley, it looked like Dirk wouldn’t get that championship. This is his most likely his last chance to do it. Their team is old and I didn’t think they’d make it past Portland in the first round. But they’ve surprised us and they’ll be rested going into the OKC series. Because they swept the Lakers, they haven’t played in over a week. Just the kind of rest that Kidd and Dirk need to make this series interesting.

Mavs in seven.

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  1. footballnutz17 says:

    @Joel, this is an awesome post man, thanks for the insightful information. I agree with you 100%, Bulls in 5 and Mavs in 7. LOL i loved the caption on Noah, “very attractive man” haha thanks for posting that.

    Care to check out my friends blog? its about sports:

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