Three Cheers for Dirk!!!

I’m calling it. It’s finally over. Dirk Nowitzki has made the city of Seattle proud. How was he not mentioned in the MVP voting? OKC looks far too inexperienced to have a chance and making a comeback. In the words of Dennis Green, Russell Westbrook is who we thought he is. Kevin Durant better start looking for a new team because Westbrook has made it pretty clear that he thinks OKC is his team.

No one on the Heat can stop Dirk. It's his title to lose.

As amazing as Dirk has been, his work is not yet finished. He may have pleased Seattle but now he needs to beat Miami and make things right in the NBA. When Dwyane Wade and Co. teamed up and guaranteed eight championships, the rest of the NBA wanted to see them fail. Sure, we all knew this team would be good… but eight championships good? Did LeBron and Wade not realize that Chris Bosh is actually an ostrich?


Most people, including myself, didn’t think Miami would have a shot this year. I didn’t even think they’d make the Finals. But here they are making Derek Rose look silly and proving us all wrong. I don’t like it. There has never been a team as easy to hate as the Miami Heat and they five wins away from being champions. We can’t let this happen. Dirk can’t let this happen.

So I’ll leave it up to you. How do you think the Finals play out?

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