Eight Players I Want to See the Mariners Trade Even Though They Won’t Trade Them

The trade deadline is just days away and the Mariners are yet to make a move. And I’m getting anxious. Ideally, the Mariners would trade away everyone except for Felix, Smoak, Ackley and Pineda and just start over. But we know that won’t happen. We’ll be lucky to see even one trade. So here are the eight players I would most like to see traded and why a trade won’t happen.

1. Erik Bedard 

Bedard is the most likely to go. But in the end, I don’t think he’ll be traded. According to SI’s Jon Heyman, the Mariners like Bedard and Bedard likes the Mariners. Of course he does, the Mariners have paid him about $17 million to pitch 45 games for them. Any time you can resign a pitcher with chronic injury problems, you have to do it.

February 8th, 2008: The Day Bedard Robbed the Mariners

2. Chone Figgins

About a week ago, there was a rumor that the Cincinnati Reds were interested in a leadoff hitter and had their eyes on Chone Figgins. Mariners fans were giddy. Surprisingly, nothing more has developed on that story. If there are any front office people from the Reds organization reading this, please don’t take Figgins from us. He’s the most important asset our team has and we would all hate to see him go.

I hope Figgins gets traded and I have no reason to use this picture again. But I just don't see that happening.

3. Brandon League 

Jack Zduriencik says that League will not be traded. We can trust him. He says they’re not trading Felix and he’s still here. He said he wasn’t firing Wakamatsu and he’s still… wait, he fired Wakamatsu. Zduriencik, you better not trade Felix!!!

4. Jack Wilson

Wilson doesn’t have a spot on this team anymore. He could provide a decent glove for someone, but no team wants a guy hitting .229. Which is what Wilson is hitting. Actually, he’s batting .237 in his three years in Seattle, which is down from the .269 he hit in his nine years in Pittsburgh. While both he and the Mariners would welcome a trade, one is not going to be out there.

5. Jack Cust

See: Wilson, Jack. This situation is almost the same as what I described above. Except Cust is a DH and has no value in the field. So basically, the Mariners need to find a team that has a need for a DH that can’t hit.

This was the best picture of Cust that Google Images had to offer.

6. Franklin Gutierrez

Much like the previous two names on this list, Death to Flying Things doesn’t have much value. Okay, maybe that’s putting it nicely. More accurately, Gutierrez is terrible and possibly the worst hitter in all of baseball. Mariner fans have been able to overlook the fact that he’s been hitting worse than Figgins because of what he did two years ago and the fact that he’s still a pretty good center fielder. But Gutierrez currently has an OPS of  .47. To put that in perspective, Michael Saunders has a .541 OPS over the past calendar year. Mariners fans know its bad when someone is hitting worse than Saunders.

7. Jamey Wright

The Mariners have a lot of arms in the bullpen that could be traded and Wright would make sense. He’s fairly cheap and is having a decent year. However, the market is flooded with relievers this year and we are talking about Jamey Wright. He’s not going anywhere.

8. Jason Vargas

There has been talk about the Mariners trading either Vargas or Fister. I really like Fister, but I’m not sure why. The good news for me is that the Mariners feel the same way about him. According to Danny Knobler, there is zero chance that Fister is traded. If anyone gets traded this year, it’s either Bedard or Vargas. If either one gets traded, it’s to the Red Sox. The Mariners have actually already offered Vargas to the Red Sox. Basically, it looks like the Mariners are considering keeping Bedard while offering Vargas, and the Red Sox don’t have much interest in Vargas but are considering Bedard. My guess is that neither one is pitching for a contender in September.

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