Trayvon Robinson, Welcome to the Show

Today, Seattle Mariners outfielder Greg Halman was sent to Tacoma. Tomorrow, newly acquired outfielder Trayvon Robinson will join the Mariners, as reported by Ryan Divish. Trayvon (possibly the coolest name on the Mariners?) was traded to Seattle as part of the Erik Bedard trade. Remember that trade? The one where the Dodgers got screwed? If not, read number 28 in this Jonah Keri article. Actually, read the whole article, it’s good. Anyway, the Mariners came away from the trade with a very exciting prospect. A prospect that is now in the big leagues.

Before we get into Trayvon, let’s look at Greg Halman. With the recent acquisition of Casper Wells, Greg Halman lost a significant amount of playing time. He’s young and if the Mariners want him to improve, they need him playing everyday. Hence the demotion.

Trayvon gettin' his catch on.

The reason Trayvon is getting called up is because he can play centerfield. That, and he is fast. And he can hit the ball. And he can hit for power. Looking through his minor league numbers, it’s hard to tell what kind of player Trayvon will be. He had hit 26 home runs this year in Triple-A before being traded. Which is a lot. And it is a lot more than the 9 he hit last year. Which leads me to question the legitimacy of his new found power. Basically, he may have some power, but not 26 home run power. Also, he has shown great speed on the base paths… until this season. He stole 43 bases in 2009, 37 in 2010, but only 9 so far this season. Some of that decline could be attributed to his spike in home runs, especially since his average stayed around .290 over the past two seasons.

Trayvon Robinson has never played in the majors before. He’s finally getting his call to the show. He won’t start, but given the Mariners roster, he’ll get his chances. We don’t know what kind of player he’ll be, but we know he’ll be exciting.

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