2011 NFL Predictions: AFC West

If you missed my predictions for the NFC West, you can find them here.

Today, it’s all about the AFC West. The Chiefs shocked many last year by taking the division. However, it was clear that they overachieved during the regular season after seeing them implode in the playoffs against the Ravens. Matt Cassel looked terrible and Dwayne Bowe apparently forgot they were playing. We should never overreact to the preseason, but it is worth noting the struggles Jamaal Charles has had. 35 yards on 15 carries is not what the Chiefs were hoping for this year.

The Chiefs face a tougher schedule in 2011.

The Broncos made some great moves in the offseason, the most important one being the hiring of John Fox as their new head coach. This move will benefit the team in the long run, but due to the lockout-shortened offseason, they will still struggle this year. Eventually, the Denver defense will be dominate and Knowshon Moreno will thrive in a John Fox offense, but not this year and not until they figure out what they are doing at quarterback.

The Denver Broncos' real savior.

The Chargers have the talent to win 12 games thanks to Phillip Rivers, but Norv Turner will make sure they don’t reach their full potential. They, and Chiefs, will both 9-7, but the Chargers will win the division due to tiebreakers. Denver will improve from last season by going 6-10 and the loss of Tom Cable will be felt in Oakland as they take in last place at 4-12.

More predictions to come later.

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