Outside is Overrated Fantasy Football League Preview

The first year of the Outside is Overrated Fantasy Football League is set to begin. The auction draft took place on Sunday and it was intense. If you want to follow along this year, here is a link to the league. Favre’s Package spent the most money on one player, nabbing Adrian Peterson for $64 of his $200 budget. Owner Zach Brown didn’t stop spending after that though, as he also ended up with Aaron Rodgers for $51 and Greg Jennings for $40. He was pretty quiet after his initial spending spree.

Curious to see how all the teams ranked, I plugged all the teams into the Rate My Team feature on footballguys.com. Each team name is a link to their Rate My Team page. Here are the results, from worst to first:

10. Seattle Favre’s Package – 45% chance of making the playoffs

After spending $155 on three of his 16 players, Favre’s Package only had $45 left to spend on the rest of his roster. He’s very weak at running back and, outside of Adrian Peterson, he doesn’t have another number one running back on his team.

Zach's two favorite people.

9. Team Rockefeller – 45% chance of making the playoffs

Team Rockefeller was one of two teams that had their team on auto-draft. Rockefeller started spending early, grabbing the first two players nominated in Peyton Manning and Michael Vick. He did well early in the draft but had some real issues late as the computer took two players for him that are on injured reserve (Detroit RB Mikel Leshoure and Arizona RB Ryan Williams) and a player that is currently retired (Randy Moss). While Team Rockefeller has a lot of potential, his team is made up of guys with histories of injuries (Vick, Manning, Foster, MJD, Crabtree).

8. Blair-cat Offense – 60% chance of making the playoffs

Blair-cat Offense was the other team on auto-draft and had the complete opposite approach. He was the last team to draft their first player, taking DeAngelo Williams as the 33rd nominated player for $25. He then grabbed three of the next five in Reggie Wayne, Matt Ryan and Marques Colston, all for under $20. Every team except Blair-cat Offense took at least one player for more than $30.

Is Matty Ice ready to break out?

7. Team Cruzan – 65% chance of making the playoffs

It is rumored that Team Cruzan had one mission in this draft: Pissing off Joel, owner of Stump the Schaub. Regardless of the validity of the rumor, Team Cruzan succeeded by trumping Stump the Schaub in a bidding war for Detroit WR Calvin Johnson. Keenan, owner of A Bag of Nicks reported that Joel shed a tear or two after losing out to Team Cruzan, but Joel has refused to comment on that story. Team Cruzan drafted a solid team, but is betting on a great season from New England QB Tom Brady, as Brady is the only quarterback Cruzan drafted.

6. A Bag of Nicks – 65% chance of making the playoffs

Keenan, owner of A Bag of Nicks, is a New York football Giants fan and that was apparent during the draft. He finished the day with an astonishing five Giants on his roster; Hakeem Nicks, Ahmad Bradshaw, Mario Manningham, the Giants defense, and Eli “I’m as good as Tom Brady” Manning. Luckily for Keenan, he doesn’t need Manning to be Tom Brady as he made sure to get a real quarterback in Phillip Rivers.

What is a bag of Nicks anyway?

5. Team Lilly – 65% chance of making the playoffs

Team Lilly ended up with a solid team but found himself weak at receiver. Although, that wasn’t due to a lack of trying. As a hardcore Arizona Cardinals fan, Team Lilly aggressively pursued Arizona WR Larry Fitzgerald when he was the 20th player nominated. In the end, Fitz became too rich for Team Lilly’s taste as he went to Izzy Mandelbaums for $38. Reports from the draft say that there were some harsh words from Team Lilly directed at Izzy.

4. Stump the Schaub – 70% chance of making the playoffs

After getting Ray Rice for $55, Stump the Schaub briefly saw the perfect draft materializing in front of him. It was all lined up. Until Calvin Johnson was nominated. Losing Johnson to Team Cruzan sent Stump the Schaub’s draft into a spiral that left him weak at all three major positions: quarterback, running back and receiver. Still, he managed to find value late as he grabbed Brandon Marshall for $10 and Mike Tolbert for $2.

ESPN needs to bring that show back.

3. Georgia On My Mind – 75% chance of making the playoffs

Georgia On My Mind ended the day with a deadly trio of receivers in Roddy White, Andre Johnson and Miles Austin. He went big at running back, getting Jamaal Charles for $58 and then stealing Shonn Greene for $11. If he can get a good year from Josh Freeman or Joe Flacco, he could end number one.

2. Izzy Mandelbaums – 75% chance of making the playoffs

38 must be Izzy Mandelbaums lucky number as he grabbed three players (Frank Gore, Larry Fitzgerald, and Darren McFadden) at that price. He built a team around a strong core of running backs and solid receivers, but his quarterback situation is worrisome. With Mark Sanchez, Colt McCoy, and Kyle Orton, he just needs one to have a surprising season to be a dangerous team this year. One interesting note about Izzy Mandelbaums is that all six of his first picks came from teams in the AFC West or NFC West.

And who the hell is this Izzy Mandelbaum?

1. Tebow Be With You – 99% chance of making the playoffs

Tebow Be With You is the clear favorite to win the league. Even though he was very quiet during the draft, he made some great picks, including Peyton Hillis for a ridiculously low $25. Tebow Be With You has a slight weakness at receiver, but his group is far from the worst in the league. It will be up to all the other teams in the league to step up, because right now, Tebow Be With You is the clear favorite.

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