Week 2 Picks

I’m planning on doing a weekly picks column. I’ll have them out earlier next week. The lines are all based on what ESPN uses for Pigskin Pick’em because gambling isn’t, you know, legal. And I definitely wouldn’t want to endorse anything like that. Anyway, my picks are in caps.

Oakland Raiders at BUFFALO BILLS (-3.5)

This is my pick of the week. I’m all in on the Bill winning this game. The Raiders had a short week after playing the late Monday night game and they are travelling to the east coast and playing in the early game. Last season, when a west coast team played on the east coast in the early games, the west coast team lost all five times.

Chicago Bears at NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7.5)

I dislike Cutler too much to pick the Bears. However, the Saints defense worries me and the Bears defense is pretty good.

CLEVELAND BROWNS (-2.5) at Indianapolis Colts

I have to pick against the Colts until they can prove that they can play without Peyton Manning. I could never bet on Kerry Collins.

Kansas City Chiefs at DETROIT LIONS (-8.5)

Ryan Fitzpatrick tore apart the Chiefs defense last week and was one of the top quarterbacks in week one. Ryan Fitzpatrick. As long as Matthew Stafford stays healthy, he is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league. Well, he’s healthy right now and if he can make it through the whole game, the Lions should win by 10.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (-10.5) at Carolina Panthers

It’s a lot of points for the Packers to cover, especially if you consider the fact they almost got taken to overtime last week. Cam Newton played surprisingly well last week and I am already preparing my apology statement for saying he would never succeed in the NFL. But this week, he plays against a real defense.

I hope he doesn't prove me wrong.

BALTIMORE RAVENS (-5.5) at Tennessee Titans

I was in Baltimore this past week and was in town when they destroyed the Steelers last Sunday. If beating the Steelers causes that much excitement, I can’t imagine what winning a Super Bowl would do. This is a Super Bowl caliber team that will roll right over Hasselback and the rest of the Titans.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (+3.5) at Minnesota Vikings

I’m not sure how the Vikings are the favorites here. Sure, they are the home team and they have Adrian Peterson… but that’s about it. The Buccaneers fell behind to the Lions last week and couldn’t get their running game going and LeGarrette Blount disappears in the passing game. Still, they managed to hang in the game. This week, they’re playing an inferior team that doesn’t have the defensive line the Lions have. Bucs win easily.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (+10.5) at New York Jets

You have to feel bad for McCown going up against the Jets defense. He doesn’t have a chance. But be wary of that Jets offense. Santonio Holmes is hurt, Plaxico Burress is old, and Shonn Greene sucks.

Arizona Cardinals at WASHINGTON REDSKINS (-4.5)

I stated my position earlier on west coast teams heading east for the morning games. Could the Redskins actually start 2-0? Isn’t this the same team I said would only win two games? Crap.

Seattle Seahawks at PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-14.5)

The highest line of the weekend and I’d still give the points. The Steelers are coming off an embarrassing lost to their biggest rival and the Seahawks are the Seahawks. Tarvaris Jackson is still the starting quarterback and the Steelers defense will use this as a great game to get back on track. Plus, there is no way the Steelers turn the ball over seven times again.

DALLAS COWBOYS (+2.5) at San Francisco 49ers

It’s the 49ers. They won’t return a kick and a punt for a touchdown again. Even Romo can’t choke this game away.

CINCINNATI BENGALS (+5.5) at Denver Broncos

Injuries, injuries, injuries. The Broncos are a mess. The team backs Orton and the fans back Tebow. Which is funny because those are the only two healthy players on the team.

HOUSTON TEXANS (-2.5) at Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins secondary gave up over 500 yards to Tom Brady last week. No one is confusing Matt Schaub for Tom Brady, but who do the Dolphins have that can stop Andre Johnson? And how does Vonta Davis feel saying the Dolphins had the best secondary in the NFL?

San Diego Chargers at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-6.5)

Brady went off last week and as good as Rivers is… it’s Tom freaking Brady.

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-2.5) at Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons looked awful last week. If they can’t stop Cutler, I’m not counting on them to stop Vick.

St. Louis Rams at NEW YORK GIANTS (-6.5)

Injuries, injuries, injuries. The Rams top three offensive weapons are hurt. Both Stephen Jackson and Danny Amendola have already been ruled out. I’m still trying to understand how the Giants lost to the Redskins last week and hopefully they have it figured out.

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