Week 3 Picks

Last week I went 11-5, putting me at 20-12 for the season. This week, I find myself taking a lot of the away teams. I’m not sure I like that. As always, the lines I used are based off of ESPN.

New England Patriots at BUFFALO BILLS (+8.5)

Tom Brady is on pace to throw for more than 7,500 yards this season. While it has only been two games, Brady has the Bills this week. The same Bills that just allowed Jason Campbell to throw for 323 yards and two touchdowns. However, the Patriots haven’t stopped anyone in the passing game yet and Ryan Fitzpatrick has looked good. The Patriots will win but the Bill will sneak in a fourth quarter backdoor cover.

San Francisco 49ers at CINCINATTI BENGALS (-2.5)

I really struggled with this line. But it comes down to the fact that the Bengals have looked better than I thought and the 49ers have looked worse that I thought. For some reason, the 49ers organization still believes that Alex Smith is an NFL quarterback. With the injury to Braylon Edwards, the 49ers’ passing game is going to be even worse… if that’s possible.

MIAMI DOLPHINS (+2.5) at Cleveland Browns

The Dolphins are 1-3 against the Browns since they came back into the league in 1999. This stat is irrelevant and Chad Henne will lead the Dolphins to a win.

DENVER BRONCOS (+6.5) at Tennessee Titans

There is not a more confusing team than the Tennessee Titans. In week one, they lose to Luke McCown and the Jacksonville Jaguars in a game they should have easily won. In week two, they beat the Baltimore Ravens in a game they should have lost. And somehow, they’re favored by almost a touchdown against the Broncos. I don’t see the Broncos losing by a touchdown here.

DETROIT LIONS (-3.5) at Minnesota Vikings

How about these Detroit Lions? Their defense is currently leading the league with eight takeaways in the first two games. As long as Stafford stays healthy, this team keeps winning. As long as Stafford stays healthy…

HOUSTON TEXANS (+3.5) at New Orleans Saints

The Saints have just one takeaway so far this season. Only the Seahawks have fewer (0). Matt Schaub isn’t Tom Brady, but the Saints’ defense will make him look like Brady.

NEW YORK GIANTS (+7.5) at Philadelphia Eagles

Hey, remember when I picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year? Yeah, me neither. Okay fine, I’ll stick with my pick here.

I trust Eli about as far as he can throw it.

Jacksonville Jaguars at CAROLINA PANTHERS (-3.5)

I can admit when I am wrong. I was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Cam Newton won’t be a bust. There, I said it. I hope you’re happy and that we can now move past this.

Kansas City Chiefs at SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-14.5)

14.5 points? Is that all you got? I’d take the Chargers giving 21 points! This just isn’t Kansas City’s year. First they lose their best player on defense, Eric Berry. Then they lose their best player on offense, Jamaal Charles. Now we wonder if they even win a game.

NEW YORK JETS (-3.5) at Oakland Raiders

How long can the Jets defense keep winning them games? At least one more week.

BALTIMORE RAVENS (-3.5) at St. Louis Rams

There is no way Stephen Jackson misses this game. The Rams have fallen to 0-2 in a year when they were the favorites to win the NFC West. Still, Baltimore will find a way to win after getting embarrassed last week to Tennessee.

ATLANTA FALCONS (+1.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don’t understand how the Buccaneers are favorites in this game. Matt Ryan has only lost to Tampa Bay once in his career and that was in his second career start. I still like the Buccaneers this year, but I’m taking the Falcons and the points this week.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (-3.5) at Chicago Bears

Last week we saw Jay Cutler get sacked six times and hit ten times total. Even though he managed not to throw an interception, the Bears still lost to the Saints by 17. The Packers won’t leave Chicago without a few interceptions and will win this one easily. Side note: Cutler has already been sacked 11 times this year, does he even make it through 12 games?

ARIZONA CARDINALS (-3.5) at Seattle Seahawks

As I said earlier, the Seahawks have not forced a turnover so far this season. Need I say more?

PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-10.5) at Indianapolis Colts

In week five, the Colts will play the Chiefs. We will then find out who is the worst team in the NFL is.

WASHINGTON REDSKINS (+6.5) at Dallas Cowboys

After DeAngelo Hall’s comments about Tony Romo, how could anyone pick against the Redskins? Romo, Dez Bryant, Felix Jones, and Terrance Newman are questionable while Miles Austin is doubtful. Somehow I don’t see them covering the 6.5 points.

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