Week 15 NFL Picks

It’s already the middle of December and we haven’t had one good game in the snow yet. How disappointing. Luckily there are still three more weeks of football! But that’s not exciting for everyone. The Dolphins, Bills, Browns, Chiefs, Redskins, Panthers and Buccaneers have joined Rams, Vikings, Colts and Jaguars as the teams that have no shot at the playoffs. As always, lines are from ESPN and my picks are in caps.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (+11.5) at Atlanta Falcons

It must be difficult to be Blaine Gabbert. He’s playing like a rookie quarterback. Which would be fine, except for how well Andy Dalton and Cam Newton have played this year. Hang in there Blaine, you’ll be playing in Los Angeles before you know it. Again, I didn’t make the pick after watching the game. Although, it would make this a lot easier.

DALLAS COWBOYS (-6.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

What I have learned from the NFL this year: Icing the kicker doesn’t work. Unless that kicker is Dan Bailey.

Miami Dolphins at BUFFALO BILLS (-0.5)

Now that Tony Sparano is out in Miami, I hope that Paulie Gualtieri takes over as the new head coach.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+4.5) at Chicago Bears

Look, Tarvaris Jackson isn’t a top quarterback in the NFL, nor is he ever going to be. But he is a decent quarterback. He wasn’t the long-term solution in Minnesota, but he is better than McNabb. So, why did the Vikings let him go?

He's not great, but better than McNabb. (Don Wright/AP Photo)

CINCINNATI BENGALS (-4.5) at St. Louis Rams

Rams fans should be furious with their organization after last week. Let’s recap. The St. Louis Rams have been eliminated from the playoffs, making their game in Seattle last Monday night meaningless for them. Yet, they still thought it was a good idea to trot out the clearly hobbled Sam Bradford to start at quarterback. Yes, start your injured franchise player in a meaningless game so that you can risk further injury.

GREEN BAY PACKERS (-13.5) at Kansas City Chiefs

Romeo Crennel is the new head coach in Kansas City and he has already made it clear that Tyler Palko is not his quarterback. It took a new coach to realize they should bench Palko? Farewell Todd Haley, we’ll always remember you.

TENNESSEE TITANS (-7.5) at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts season has been so embarrassing that they might as well just give up on it and start having some fun. The first thing they need to do is fire Jim Caldwell and bring in Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson as their head coach. He’s a Colts fan and has that head coach look. More than I can say for Caldwell.

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (-7.5) at Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson was back to practice this week. But come on, it’s Drew Brees.

Washington Redskins at NEW YORK GIANTS (-7.5)

He may not be as good as Tom Brady, but Eli Manning is having the best season of his career. Here is where I remind you that I picked the Giants to win the Super Bowl this year. It could still happen.

Carolina Panthers at HOUSTON TEXANS (-7.5)

It’s crazy to think that Houston is 10-3 with all the injuries they have had this season. But they keep fighting. RG Mike Brisiel broke his leg last week against the Bengals and continued to play. WITH A BROKEN LEG. Texans it is.

DETROIT LIONS (-1.5) at Oakland Raiders

This game has the potential of being the longest game in NFL history. Oakland is leading the league with 10 penalties per game, while Detroit isn’t far behind, averaging 8.1 penalties per game. Still, everything should remain civil as long as no one tries to untie Ndamukong Suh’s shoe.

You won't like him when he's angry. (Andrew Weber/US Presswire)

Cleveland Browns at ARIZONA CARDINALS (-6.5)

One of these teams has won five of their last six. The other has lost five of their last six. I’m picking the team that has been winning.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (-6.5) at Denver Broncos

I just don’t understand. Tebow has the accuracy of a stormtrooper in the first three quarters and then looks like Tom Brady in the fourth quarter. All Tebow does is win, except this week.

New York Jets at PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-2.5)

The New York Jets have never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles in the regular season or post season. Only two of their games have been closer than three points. History!

BALTIMORE RAVENS (-2.5) at San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are two games out of first place. They have the Ravens, Lions, and Raiders left on their schedule. Philip Rivers isn’t having a Philip Rivers-type season. Norv Turner is still the head coach. It could be worse… here are five minutes of Ryan Leaf highlights.

Pittsburgh Steelers at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (-1.5)

Ben Roethlisberger played on a high ankle sprain last week. No one can question his toughness. But I’d be very surprised to see him play this week. Sam Bradford also had a high ankle sprain and took him over a month to recover. Without Roethlisberger, the 49ers should win easily.


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