Mariners Offense is Better, Rangers Offense is More Better

Why can’t the Mariners just play 162 games against the A’s? It would certainly be more fun for the Mariners pitchers. I can’t imagine pitching to Josh Hamilton and company is any fun. They just hit the ball too hard. And too far. Just ask Hector Noesi. His first start for the Mariners looked more painful than fun.

While the Mariners got crushed, there were still some good signs. The offense is still scoring runs. Teams need to score runs to win games, so I think the Mariners scoring runs is a good sign. And not the two or three runs a game like last year. The 2012 Mariners have scored 24 runs in five games. It took the 2011 Mariners eight games to get to 24 runs. Hey, it’s an improvement.

Rangers fans love their home runs. GIF credit to @bubbaprog

Even more important is who is producing on offense. Most important is that Ichiro is producing on offense. A strong start will help skeptics start to believe that last year was just a fluke. Also important is the production of Chone Figgins. I’m more hesitant to believe it’s sustainable because, well, it’s Chone Figgins. And we’ve seen what Figgins is capable with the bat. By that, I mean nothing. But if he actually starts hitting well consistently… let’s not head down that path until we actually have to. I may be optimistic, but I’m not crazy.

And then there is Kyle Seager. He has nine hits and five RBIs in his last three games. He’s hitting the ball well and when there are guys on base. And the Mariners are actually getting guys on base. All good things. Hopefully all these good things continue.

Sure, the Mariners can’t hit like the Rangers. But the 2012 offense is a big step in the right direction.

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