Jeremy Guthrie and the Unfortunate Side Effects of Exercising

A few days ago, I read an interesting story about a baseball player. The baseball player was Jeremy Guthrie, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. The interesting story was that he rides a bicycle. Well, it’s not interesting that he rides a bicycle, but it’s interesting that he injured himself while riding a bicycle. Apparently, Guthrie is quite the bicycle enthusiast and is known for 30-mile rides around the Denver area.

30 mile bike ride along Cherry Creek today. Must say I saw a lot of beautiful areas of Denver. Time to rest, buenas noches. #LiveStrong

— Jeremy Guthrie (@JGuthrie46) April 27, 2012

What I don’t understand is why a baseball player would be riding a bicycle 30-miles. According to, Guthrie is making $8.2 million from the Rockies this year. Obviously he can afford a car, so why ride a bicycle?

It can’t be because he wants to stay in shape. He’s a baseball player. The coolest thing about baseball is that a 300-pound Jonathan Broxton is considered an athlete. Or that last year, C.C. Sabathia decided he needed to trim down to 290-pounds and did so by “not eating Cap’n Crunch every day.” C.C. Sabathia, a professional athlete, used to eat a box of Cap’n Crunch every day. A whole box. The Yankees are paying him $23 million this year. Prince Fielder, standing at 5’11 and weighing in at 275-pounds, makes $24 million a year from the Tigers. Interestingly, Fielder could actually eat a whole tiger.

Unfortunately for C.C., vertical stripes aren’t slimming.

With guys like Sabathia, Fielder, Bartolo Colon, Carlos Lee, and Pablo Sandoval all having successful careers while weighing over 265-pounds, Jeremy Guthrie has no excuse for endangering himself by riding a bike. Fielder has played in at least 157 games in each of the last six seasons. It’s baseball, Jeremy. So grab a box of Cap’n Crunch, sit back, and heal your shoulder. And next time you need to go somewhere, get in the car and remember that you’re a baseball player, not a cyclist.

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